One of the biggest problems confronting outdoor communicators today is the lack of a readily accepted stylebook.

Sure we revert to Webster's or the AP bible when we write our articles, but they're no help in determining if a rifle is color casehardened, or is it color-casehardened? Improperly used terms mean and editor has to clean up your work, and for obvious reasons, will eye your next submission with caution.

Two of the nation's top-notch outdoor writers are working with Sagi to produce an outdoor stylebook that covers everything from hunting, to shooting, archery, fishing, climbing and more.

It's long overdue, and if you'd like to be put on a list to be notified the moment this book rolls off the press, e-mail Sagi at wildgeese177@

The book will also undergo peer review, making it what could be the most widely accepted stylebook in the industry's history.

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